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Wellness Consultation and Psychotherapy

I work with women who have left high-control patriarchal religions to create lives of their choosing. If you have recently had a big change in your religious or spiritual beliefs, you may be feeling sad, angry, and confused. You may be questioning every major life decision you've made, your relationships, and your own thoughts and feelings. You may be spending hours reading and listening to podcasts, devouring new information and connecting with the online faith deconstruction community. As an experienced psychotherapist and former devout Mormon, I can guide you through faith deconstruction and religious trauma, especially if you have recently left an American Fundamentalist Christian church such as Mormonism, Southern Baptists, Jehovah's Witness, Pentecostal, Seventh-Day Adventist, Church of Christ, or any other orthodox, patriarchal, high-control closed community. 


By working with me, you will be able to sort through which thoughts, values, and decisions are truly yours, and which were required by your church. I help women who were raised in high-control religions to understand the psychological impact of living in a patriarchal community with claims to absolute truth and expects perfect obedience. I will guide you through the complex grieving process of losing a beliefs, relationships, community and identity, and help you discover your authentic personal values. I help women learn to recognize, listen to, and trust their intuition while navigating the big life changes that follow leaving a high-control church community. 


Schedule a free consultation today! Use the link below to schedule, or call or text 786-505-1145. 

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